Making the RIGHT Financial Choices With Mark Hauser: Understanding Private Equity

Mark Hauser is an expert in the field of private equity as well as the founder and co-managing partner at Hauser Private Equity. With decades of experience in the area as well as a family line of similarly successful entrepreneurs and investors, Hauser has made it a point to share his insights so that others could follow in his footsteps.

A notoriously complicated field and one replete with competition, finding success in the field of private equity requires a thorough understanding of how the transactions work. To make things easier for potential followers in his footsteps, Mark Hauser underscored some critical thoughts and insights regarding private equity transactions.

Understanding Private Equity

Private equity investments describe partnerships between businesses and firms that are buying and selling companies. The goal of acquiring private equity is to sell them off for profit in the future through a private buyout or as part of a consortium. Private equity is often tied to venture capital investing as well as hedge funds, so we understand the asset class required to find success in this region.

Private equity firms are focused on acquiring businesses that can then be sold for a profit. To find this kind of prolonged success in such a wild and unreliable field, private equity investors must adopt a game plan. This is where Mark Hauser steps into the equation.

Creating a Profitable Private Equity Transaction

First and foremost, Mark Hauser understands that a private equity investment opportunity may present itself in different ways every single time. Private equity firms find potential targets through one of three likely avenues.

  • A business may reach out to Mark Hauser due to his reputation.
  • An investment bank may contact a private equity firm.
  • A private equity firm may learn of an opportunity through proprietary means.

After an opportunity presents itself, Mark Hauser understands that it is imperative to perform the proper research and due diligence to ensure a match in terms of investment. There are a variety of different types of due diligence that a private equity firm must undertake, including the analysis of a company’s market position, the accuracy of its financial information, and the legal compliance of its contracts.

Making the Correct Reads

Once Mark Hauser and his team at Hauser Private Equity performed their due diligence, the time had come for an investment to be made. If the private equity firm finds that the target investment doesn’t present any red flags, it will move forward with a few different goals.

To ensure a proper profit, Hauser Private Equity focuses on

  • Improving Operational Capacity – Once the deal is finalized, company operations are enhanced so that the business can improve its valuation.
  • Eye a Timely Exit – Finding a successful exit point is the key to success in the world of private equity. Timely exits may be presented sooner or later, though always at the right opportunity.
  • Role of Disruption – Private equity firms will hold portfolios for years at a time, waiting until one of their businesses operates successfully as a disruptor in a volatile market.

There are plenty of ways to find success in the world of private equity investments, and Mark Hauser has outlined one of them. The founder and co-managing partner at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser, has shared his insights with the professional world for the better part of the past two decades.

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